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NATO reporting names

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) reporting names are codenames for military equipment in the East. They are simple and easily understandable.

The first letter of these codenames tells us the use of the equipment.

For missiles, A is for Air to Air, K is for Air to Surface (from the Russian designation Kh), S is for Surface to Surface and G is for Surface to Air (The G is from Ground to Air).

For planes, the NATO reporting names are even simpler.
F is for Fighter or Ground Attack Aircraft, B is for Bombers, C is for Cargo Aircraft, H is for Helicopters and M is for Miscellaneous which can include reconnaisance planes, tankers, trainers etc.

Here are some examples of NATO reporting names.

MiG 29 Fulcrum
Su-27 Flanker

Tu-95 Bear
Tu-22 Blinder

Tu-144 Charger
Tu-134 Crusty


Two very interesting comments- Su-37 “Super Terminator” and “Ultra Terminator”

Hi everyone!

There have not been very many posts recently, I aim to do more in the future, but it is difficult to find time! I will soon bring out a post on NATO codenames.

But now I will show you two very interesting comments by dr. nick stage–PHD which he put onto my old blog (I used to have a different blog, but then I started this one which is better).

Here are the comments by dr. nick stage–PHD :

Comment 1:

“The new Russian Sukhoi SU-37 jet fighter aircraft
can be modified into a new SU-37 ULTRA-SUPER

There would be a 2-man crew–PILOT, and sitting in tandem with the Navigator-Weapons REO Officer.

A new engine, a modified Llukya AL-41,
would weigh–with after-burner, 2,950 Lbs.,
and in non-after-burner mode generate
27,700 lbs. of thrust–a thrust to weight
ratio of 9.4-to-1.0.
In after-burner operations, the maximum
thrust of 46,350 lbs. of thrust–a 16.6
to-1.00 the thrust to weight ratio.

Combat Radius—–970 miles–2-engined versions.
Combat Radius—–786 miles–3-engine versions.

Climb Rate—79,500 feet per minute-2 jet engines.
Climb Rate—94,200 feet per minute-3 jet engines.

Service ceiling altitude–70,480 feet.

A compression Ratio of 33.8-1.00; comparable
to the new USAF F-22 “Raptor” jet engine 35.10
to 1.00 compression Ratio.

Aircraft base weight————29,600 lbs.
Fully loaded aircraft weight—-61,000 lbs.

both above–2 new jet engines.

Total aircraft weight-to-thrust ratio
of 1.00-to-1.52.

With the 3-engined version——–38,230 lbs.,
base weight, and 72,000 lbs, fully-loaded.
Total aircraft weight to thrust ratio of

All 2-engined versions would have 2 jet
engines with vectored-exhaust thrust nozzles.

In the 3-engined version, the center-engine
would be used to keep the aircraft steadied.
This center engine would not have vectored thrust,
but it’s maximum thrust, in after-burner mode
would be 61,650lbs. of thrust—–essentially
a turbo-rocket RAM JET, for a “max-thrust”
for periods of up to 225 seconds–in Methane Gas
To elaborate further:
There would Methane Gas Injection into
a tapered exhaust-section, giving this jet
a “kick-boot” in climbing.

In terms of G-loads—–maximum in turns–14.2 Gs.
In flight, a negative 4.5 Gs and up to a positive
12.5 Gs.


On-board armaments:

1—-44 MILLIMETER CANNON–Nose of aircraft
with 109 rounds—3 per second of cyclic rate of fire. Each of the cannon shell would have a fusing
proximity-control to cause rounds to explode
in a shower of fragments 20-to-30 meters from
enemy target jet.
Shell velocity —4,400 feet per second.

2—-60-caliber wing machine guns—490 rounds
each, with a cyclic firing rate of 1,050 rounds
per minute–or 18.4 rounds per second.
Each round would have depleted-coated “slug”.

4-to-6 “Super-Phoenix”-type air-to-air missiles
with an effective 240-kilometer range, at
MACH 5.65. These missiles would be anti-satellite
ASAT-capable, also, especially during a modified
“Pugachev Cobra” manuever.
These missiles will carried internally
like in the USAF F-22 “Raptor” jets air-to-air

On the wing “hard-points”, 4 “Super Sidewinder”
air-to-air missile—13.6 kilometer range
and at MACH 3.5 ,in speed.
Hard-points with missiles would have
a 11.8 G maximum turning force, before this G-force
would tear-off the missiles in a turn.

On board-avionics will be able to track
up to 10 targets, at the same time.


Instead of a long runway for take-off,
the mode of launching this aircraft would
be railed-sleds that are 580 meters in length.
This will be a 60-degree up-angle of launching
sled system.

The aircraft would have 4-to-8 JATO-RATO
launch-boosters, each generating 8,700 lbs of thrust for 22-to-31 seconds.
These rocket JATO-RATO boosters would be
jettisoned 3 seconds before aircraft lifts-off
from the launch-sled. G-Load–7.7-to-9.0Gs.

Just before launching this aircraft on the rail-
sleds, by 10 seconds before JATO-RATO ignition,
the aircraft will be in FULL-POWER-THROTTLE
Mode. At Lift-Off, the middle or core engine
will have a 35 second injection of Liquid
Methane into both the Combustor stages, but also
a 45 second Liquid Methane injection the
after-burner section, for a added “kick-boost”.

During this time, the two outer engines
will be at “full throttle”, at a vectored-exhaust
upward angle of 50 degrees for 24 seconds, then
back to horizontal-mode.


This is my proposal for this ULTRA-SUPER-
FLANKER—call it the Sukhoi SU-37MMM-k-3,
or the “Super-Terminator” for the twin-engined
version, and the “Ultra-Terminator” ,for the
3-engined version.

Thank You:

from Dr. Nick Stage–PHD.

Comment 2:

“As a back-up:

This proposed Ultra-Flanker-Ultra Terminator
Sukhoi Jet, would be MACH-2.0-capable at Sea Level,
a cruising speed at a maximum of MACH 2.75-plus,
and a maximum speed in the 2-engined version
of MACH 3.10, and in the 3-engined version
a MAXIMUM SPEED–for up to 395-430 seconds of
MACH 3.50-plus.

Thanks Again:
Dr. Nick Stage-PHD.
Indiana. ”

Thanks for the comments!

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Battle RC helicopters

I have recently found out that you can buy a pair of tiny 2 channel remote control helicopters which you can battle.

The helicopters are about the size of a hand and are meant only for indoors (outside the smallest bit of wind would blow them away). They are great fun and very simple to fly. On the remote control, you have a throttle which makes you go higher or lower (more throttle makes you go higher, less makes you go lower), a control which turns the helicopter left or right and a button which fires the infrared “laser gun”. The laser gun makes a sound effect.

Not only are the helicopters great fun to fly on their own, but they are even better when flying with a friend. You can have battles to see who can shoot the other person’s helicopter down first. (If the helicopters are good quality, which most are, they are built of something which resists crashes, so it doesn’t matter if they crash).

There are many different versions, but all are fairly similar. On most, it is something like this:
First direct hit on the opponent’s helicopter makes it spin around, the second makes it lose altitude and the third makes it crash.

Some versions are based on real helicopters (e.g. some look like Apaches- I will soon do a post on these, perhaps there will be a whole page on helicopters), others don’t look like any real helicopter in particular. Looks aren’t everything though, good quality is needed.

Anyway, whatever they look like, they are great fun and I now have some! They are great!

Picture of an example of battle helicopters below is from
The explosion in the middle is fake by the way.


B-2 Spirit crash

Sadly, a USAF (United States Air Force) Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber has crashed at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, a Pacific island.

Guam is a US territory, 3,700 miles south-west of Hawaii. Its capital is Hagatna.

The B-2 came down shortly after take-off. Both pilots ejected safely. After the crash the wreckage could be seen giving out thick black smoke. This is the first time a B-2 has crashed.

The following up to *** is from :

Lieutenant Colonel Doug Smith from the USAF told the BBC that the crash would be investigated.

“The two pilots… ejected prior to the crash. One of them was medically evaluated and released and the other is in a stable condition at a naval hospital,” he said.


For more information, go to

Information on the B-2 Spirit:

The B-2 Spirit is a large bomber, capable of holding 152 635 kg of weight. It can deliver nuclear weapons as well as conventional weapons. Its wing span is 52.12 metres.

The B-2 is an extremely effective bomber. It can fly to any point on earth in a short time and remain undetected. Enemies do not even know that the B-2 is there and if they do, they can only use some types of weapons against it (they cannot use radar guided weapons), making it very hard to shoot down, which is why one has never been shot down. The B-2 can do this because of stealth technology. It is built of material which absorbs radar signals, instead of reflecting them back to the enemy radar, like most planes do, making them easily detectable. Any remaining radar signals are deflected away because of the B-2’s very strange shape. Weapons are carried inside the plane, as weapons are a shape that reflects radar signals very well. Stealth enables the B-2 to fly wherever it wants which is what makes the it such a great bomber. It looks cool aswell. It looks like one wing flying on its own. It is definitely one of my favourite planes and it is sad that one has been lost.

Picture of B-2 Spirit below comes from