I’ve written about fighters mostly so far, but what about the bombers? Bombers have been an essential part of wars, noticeably in the second world war with the well known Blitzkrieg bombing on Britain by the German Luftwaffe and the no less terrifying bombings by the British RAF (Royal Air Force) and the American USAAF (United States Army Air Force, now USAF for United States Air Force) on Germany. Since then bombers have taken part in many conflicts around the world, providing armies with the ability to eliminate faraway enemy positions. Attack planes have also performed a similar job. These are often similar to fighters but dedicated to attacking targets on the ground. The A-10 is an example. Many fighters also have a secondary Ground Attack role, but on this page I shall stick to those completely dedicated to obliterate ground targets. Also I shall cover certain famous bombings and the Second World War German V1, V2 and V3 weapons.

Bombers first came about at the start of the First World War. At this time the planes used were usually small biplanes capable of speeds of at the most 70 mph. They were nothing like the bombers of today. There was not really even such thing as a “bomber”. The pilot would often just throw a few bricks over the side of the plane. These were of course unlikely to hit someone, but it had an effect on people, to know that something could come out of the sky and hit them at any second. The war was now beginning to affect civilians more and more. Armies were now gaining the power to hit almost any target they liked. The age of bombers had begun.

Coming Up- Blitzkrieg; The British V Bombers; German V1, V2, V3; A-10 Thunderbolt II (A.K.A Warthog) and many other bombers and bombings.


In the past, Britain has always had an advantage making it very difficult to invade. This advantage is the fact that it is an island. This means that before planes were invented, the only way invaders could reach it was by sea. To do this they would have to defeat the British Navy. This was no easy task, as Britain has always had an unusually powerful Navy, as, being an island, Britain has always had to sail to conquer other lands (and it did this very successfully; no other country has ever had an empire larger than that of Britain). The power of the British Navy was demonstrated when the Spanish Armada (at the time also a very powerful Navy) fought against it and was defeated, on 8th August 1588.

In the Second World War, after Germany had invaded much of mainland Europe, Hitler turned to the invasion of Britain. In the First World War, Germany had had a taster of what fighting the British Navy was like, and although the Germans just about won the battle, they knew that they would be very lucky if they defeated the British Navy a second time. Therefore, Hitler did not attempt to take Britain by the use of his Navy. Instead, he decided to use the Luftwaffe.

The Luftwaffe is the German Air Force. In the Second World War it was one of the most terrifying air forces in Europe. It had a very large variety of fighters and bombers which far surpassed the standard of anything most European countries had to offer at the time. Hitler came up with the idea of “Blitzkrieg”. Literally this means “Lightning War”. The idea was that wave after wave of German bombers would be sent to Britain to keep bombing them until they surrendered. It was called “Lightning War” because Hitler expected the British to surrender very soon, so the war would be as quick as lightning. He and Hermann Göring (head of the Luftwaffe) expected the British Royal Air Force (RAF) to put up a weak resistance and be easy to destroy. This was not the case.




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  1. hey why dont you put my favourite bomber, the F117 nighthawk.

    maybe you could also put a section of UAV’s

    • Both very good ideas, I will do so as soon as I possibly can.
      Unfortunately I am being overloaded with exams and that kind of thing so its difficult to find a moment to do it!

  2. ok thx. does the ac-130 count as a bomber? its not exactly a fighter.

  3. by the way i am trident
    i put that on my last post cuz it is my surname.

    also you could put the B2 or the stratofortres.

  4. Yeah the AC-130 is more of a ground attack aircraft, rather than a bomber, but if I do a post about it at some point I will put it on this page, as this page is meant for attack aircraft as well as bombers.

    That’s also a good idea, there are so many amazing bombers which I must find time to put on this page!

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