Battle RC helicopters

I have recently found out that you can buy a pair of tiny 2 channel remote control helicopters which you can battle.

The helicopters are about the size of a hand and are meant only for indoors (outside the smallest bit of wind would blow them away). They are great fun and very simple to fly. On the remote control, you have a throttle which makes you go higher or lower (more throttle makes you go higher, less makes you go lower), a control which turns the helicopter left or right and a button which fires the infrared “laser gun”. The laser gun makes a sound effect.

Not only are the helicopters great fun to fly on their own, but they are even better when flying with a friend. You can have battles to see who can shoot the other person’s helicopter down first. (If the helicopters are good quality, which most are, they are built of something which resists crashes, so it doesn’t matter if they crash).

There are many different versions, but all are fairly similar. On most, it is something like this:
First direct hit on the opponent’s helicopter makes it spin around, the second makes it lose altitude and the third makes it crash.

Some versions are based on real helicopters (e.g. some look like Apaches- I will soon do a post on these, perhaps there will be a whole page on helicopters), others don’t look like any real helicopter in particular. Looks aren’t everything though, good quality is needed.

Anyway, whatever they look like, they are great fun and I now have some! They are great!

Picture of an example of battle helicopters below is from
The explosion in the middle is fake by the way.



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  1. Does it say how many milliwatts the laser is? I love rc helis and lasers, lol

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