Google Earth Flight Simulator

If you can’t be bothered to go out and buy a proper Flight Simulator such as Microsoft Flight Simulator X (a very good flight simulator which I will describe in detail in the “Flight Sims” page) and you like flight simulators, then this might be the thing for you.

Download Google Earth (completely free and presents the whole world to you in photographs. Just click or search where you want to go and… you’re there, looking at photographs of that area- amazing). Inside google earth, there is a hidden flight simulator. You can fly two different planes, an F-16 Fighting Falcon and another much slower plane, an SR22. The SR22 is much easier to fly by the way so you might want to start with that. You can fly anywhere in the world, over Google Earth’s amazing scenery. To use the flight simulator, open Google Earth and press ctrl+alt+A with windows or command+option+A in Mac OS. Then select what plane you want, where you want to start and fly! You can use a mouse to control the plane or configure a joystick for it.


Picture above from

For more information on the Google Earth Flight Simulator, see:


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