A cool plane

A very cool plane in my opinion is the Learjet 45. OK, it isn’t a really fancy fighter jet with loads of computers and missiles and guns. But that doesn’t stop it being cool. Its cooler than the Dassault Super Etendard anyway. The Learjet 45 is the ultimate private jet. Fast, comfortable, not too big but not too small and above all cool looking. Another cool thing about it is that it was the first jet I ever flew on Microsoft Flight Simulator (that was FS98. I now have FSX Deluxe addition with the Acceleration expansion pack. I skipped from 98 to 2004 then to X… I’m a bit crazy about Flight Simulators). It makes a nice sound aswell. And it feels like a proper jet. Its also not too hard to fly either (at least, in Microsoft FS it isn’t). It’s also something different from all the fighter planes that I always talk about.

Here is a picture of the Learjet 45:


Picture of Learjet comes from http://www.chaparyan.com


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